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Nebraska Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association

2024 Board of Directors

 ChairAaron Hirsh, PE CFMEmbris Group
Vice ChairCarrie Romero, PE, CFMOlsson
Second Vice ChairKellan StrauchU.S. Geological Survey
NE Water Science Center
 SecretaryCreighton Omer, PE, CFMHDR
 TreasurerRock KrzyckiCity of Lincoln Watershed Division
 At-Large DirectorJohn Callen, PE, CFM JEO Consulting Group
 At-Large DirectorDan Fricke, PE, CFM, LEED APJEO Consulting Group
 At-Large DirectorLori Laster, PE, CFMPapio-Missouri River Natural Resources District

 At-Large Director

Nate Hartman, REHS, QCIS, QPSWPPP  Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
 At-Large DirectorDeanna Ringenberg, PENebraska Department of Natural Resources
 At-Large DirectorMichael Middendorf, PECity of Lincoln Watershed Division
 At-Large Director
Cody Buckland, PE, CFMLamp Rynearson 
 At-Large DirectorLindy Rodgers, PEHouston Engineering
 At-Large DirectorDerek Schriner, PEUSACE

Past Officers

 Year  Chair  Vice Chair Second Vice
 Treasurer Secretary 
 2023  Carrie Romero
Kellan Strauch 
Paul Woodward Creighton Omer  Cody Buckland 
2022   Carrie Romero Kellan Strauch   Paul Woodward Creighton Omer  Cody Buckland 
 2021 Paul Woodward   Carrie Romero  John Callen  Aaron Hirsh  J.B. Dixon
 2020 Paul Woodward   Carrie Romero John Callen  Aaron Hirsh  Lori Laster 


 John Callen  Lori Laster  Nate Hartman  Paul Woodward  Carrie Romero
 2018  John Callen  Lori Laster  Nate Hartman  Paul Woodward  Carrie Romero
 2017  Nate Hartman  Mike McIntosh  Rocky Keehn  John Callen  Paul Woodward
 2016  Nate Hartman  Mike McIntosh  Rocky Keehn  Vicki Twerdochlib  Dan Fricke
 2015  Rocky Keehn  Nate Hartman  Mike McIntosh  Vicki Twerdochlib  Dan Fricke
 2014  Rocky Keehn  Nate Hartman  Dan Fricke  Mike McIntosh  Carrie Romero
 2013  Lori Laster  Rocky Keehn  Dan Fricke  Mike McIntosh  Carrie Romero
 2012  Lori Laster  Rocky Keehn   Rock Krzycki   Bobbi Holm   Mike McIntosh 
 2011  Jesse Poore  Nate Hartman  Rock Krzycki  Lori Laster  Mike McIntosh
 2010  Jesse Poore  Nate Hartman  John Cambridge  Lori Laster  Paul Gonzales
 2009  Laurie Carrette Zook  Rock Krzycki  John Cambridge  Jesse Poore  Paul Gonzales
 2008  Laurie Carrette Zook  Rock Krzycki  Lalit Jha  John Cambridge  Bill Jones
 2007  Paul Woodward  Leann Klein  Laurie Carrette Zook  John Cambridge  Bill Jones
 2006  Paul Woodward  Leann Klein  Bill Jones  Laurie Carrette Zook  John Cambridge
 2005  Carter Hubbard  Paul Woodward  Bill Jones  Laurie Carrette Zook  John Cambridge

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